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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ecological Mosquito Trap, target


  • The developers had received an issue from a user which complained that the trap doesn't work. They verified that the trap is made correct and the sugar water is fermenting with bubbles, but the mosquitoes would not be attracted into it even if it is placed with the mosquitoes in a box. Therefore, the developers notice that the mosquitoes they caught are belong to the same genus, which should be Culex pipiens molestus. The developers guess that the trap would work or not dependents on the genera of mosquitoes, but they could not get a large amount mosquitoes with different genera to make a further test. Maybe this could be done by everyone on the internet.
  • According to Wiki, the mosquito has over 3,500 species and 43 genera. The picture above is the one that was caught by my trap. I think it belongs to the genus Culex.

Fruit Fly

  • The fruit flies are not the target that the developers want. If the trap is placed too long, the fruit flies will multiply in it and make it disgusting. Normally this will not happen in the first 10 days.

Common Errors

  • The genus of mosquitoes would not be attracted by CO2, therefore the trap could not catch any mosquitoes.

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