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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ecological Mosquito Trap, prologue and history


  • Almost every article about Ecological Mosquito Trap on the internet is not completed and is lacking of video to prove it, that's why some people made the trap but can't get succeed. It is because that the original research report is only written in Chinese and they can not read it. In view of that the trap can get an amazing result if you use it correct, i think it's a good idea to translate what the developers had been done and how the trap should be used. Hope this post could help the people who are in trouble with mosquitoes.


  • The Ecological Mosquito Trap comes from the 45th National Primary And High School Science Fair, which is an event of R.O.C(Taiwan). It's the champion at elementary group, subject is life and applied science. The original research title is Ecological Mosquito Killer. The developers are the students of YANGAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, TAIPEI, TAIWAN. Their names are GUO, JIA AN, CHEN, YING HAN, and SHEN, YI JYUN. Their advisor are HSU, CHIA CHANG and CHEN, WEN I. The research has a total of 33 pages and it's quite completed, including the materials to attract mosquitoes, the methods to catch mosquitoes, the evolution of the bottles, the place it should be placed and some notes. It's a pity that most posts on the internet contains only the method how the final bottle is made and that's why many people made the basic mistakes.
  • The Ecological Mosquito Trap has gotten the patent number M306777, which confirms it works. The precondition is that you have to follow some rules. To simplify the rules, the mosquitoes must belong to some genera, the materials must be correct, and the bottle should be put at the right place.


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