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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ecological Mosquito Trap, Q & A

Q & A

  • How do i know if the ecological mosquito trap works or not?
    • After finishing your trap and placing it at correct position for six hours, you can use a electric mosquito zapper to test the mosquito density. If it works, the mosquito density will greatly increase within 3 meters around the trap and greatly decrease in other places.
  • How long can i feel the power of the ecological mosquito trap?
    • 2 days. That's how long it takes for me from killing mosquitoes 5 times a dinner to be able eat dinner silently. Such a great invention.
  • Could the ecological mosquito trap kills all the mosquitoes?
    • Nope. Although there are very few mosquitoes in my house, there are still a lot in the basement parking lot. I think that's because the source of mosquito is not clear yet.
  • How long the ecological mosquito trap lasts for?
    • Based on the developers' experiment data, the ferment sugar water do not create carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles util the 11th day. In my experiences, it could last a little longer.
  • Can i use soap water instead of ferment sugar water?
    • Based on the developers' experiment data, the soap water is not very attractive to the mosquitoes and it's not ecological so they do not suggest it. If you still want to try that. Based on the developers' experiment data, the density of soap water is not proportional to the attractiveness. If the density is too high, the attractiveness will decrease.
  • Won't the mosquitoes multiply in the ecological mosquito trap?
    • Theoretically yes, actually no. There had been someone experienced that the sugar water didn't hurt larvae much, but i didn't see any of them. Maybe it's because of the magical yeast. On the other hand, The fruit flies will multiply in it, but also die in it. If you didn't place it for too long, you should not need to worry about it.
  • Won't the mosquitoes fly out of the ecological mosquito trap?
    • In my experiences, the mosquitoes can fly out of the trap, but that's only a few of them. I had tried to connect the exit with a tube to prevent the mosquito from flying out, but it also made the mosquitoes hard to fly in which made the result bad. Anyway, the most important thing is decreasing the mosquito density, it's doesn't matter can the mosquitoes fly out or not.
  • Is the ecological mosquito trap attractive to the ants?
    • Theoretically yes, actually no. Perhaps it's just because there are few ants in my house.
  • How can i have a nice sleep without getting harassed by the mosquitoes if the ecological mosquito trap can't be placed with people?
    • The mosquito net is one of the greatest thing in human history. I can sleep well by only the mosquito net even when the time the mosquito density is high.

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