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Monday, May 25, 2015

Ecological Mosquito Trap, placement position

Placement Position

  • The developers suggest to place the trap at a corner in basement. The places like pictures above will get a good result.

Common Errors

  • Place it in house.
    • Based on the developers' experiment data, 10 traps had been placed in different houses and caught a total of 4 mosquitoes. They guess that it's because the mosquito density in house is too low and the mosquito in house is of different genus than in basement. By the way, it still works very well to fruit flies.
  • Place it at a position which is not corner.
    • Based on the developers' experiment data, corner : wall : high : ventilation : light = 89:9:10:12:10, corner is the best.
  • Place it in a open space.
    • Based on the developers' experiment data, place it in a open space which is in the basement catches nothing.
  • Low temperature.
    • The yeast cell will sleep at low temperature, therefore the trap wound not work.

Personal Experiences

  • Do not place it with people.
    • The result is not good and the alcohols and carbon dioxide (CO2) it creates will slightly affect people. I tried to put the trap in house and i am sure that the mosquito density was high and the mosquitoes were the genus that works, but the result is still extremely bad. I guess that human body is more delicious than ferment sugar water for mosquito.
  • Do not place it too close to the elevator.
    • The trap will greatly increase the mosquito density nearby. In order to prevent the mosquitoes from taking the elevator with you, it's better to put it 10 meters away.
  • Do not place it in ventilation.
    • Although the developers' experiment data showed that it still works, my experience is not recommend.
  • Do not place it outside.
    • It's open and ventilation outside, you can not catch anything.
  • Do not place two traps at one corner.
    • I don't know why, but the result is worse than only one trap. Anyway, one trap is strong enough for catching mosquitoes, just place the second one to other corner.
  • The best placement position is basement parking lot.
    • Here i got the most mosquitoes caught.

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