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Monday, November 23, 2015

Japan Sumo Cup Review


  • This is a web game made by JRA, Japan Sumo Association and CAPCOM



  • Each round contains three stages. Different characters can get different scores at different stages.
    • The first Sumo gets higher score at the third stage.
    • The second Sumo gets better score at the second and the third stage.
    • The third Sumo gets better score at the first and the second stage.
    • Ryu gets the same score at all stages.
    • Akuma gets better score at the first stage.
  • The combo will get more score than usual.
  • Normally, you will only stuck by Akuma. I suggest to use the first Sumo or the second Sumo than hit more than 200 combo to beat him.
  • You will get a password after beating Akuma. My English is very poor but I will try to translate the message into English and hope you can understand it.
    • You can get a special name in your Ultra Street Fighter 4 software on PS3/Xbox 360/PC by input the code below at 「personal data」 > 「special name code」.

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