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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Chip 8 emulator written in Python success version 2


  • Optimized version only.
  • Completes 100% instructions without testing. Maybe bugs inside it.





  • Python 3 can run at 22000 Hz while PyPy3 is 5500 Hz. I guess the reason why PyPy3 is slower than Python 3 is because i use ctypes to get time. Although i knew PyPy is not suitable with ctypes, i did not know that will hurt performance so much.
  • This version is prepared to practice writing a debugger. If the debugger runs as slow as My Atari 2600 emulator written in Python failure version 1, the next Atari 2600 emulator will not include a debugger.


  • PyPy3 can run at 15000 Hz after i removing the part of ctypes, which is still slower than Python3. Emulator should be suitable for PyPy to speed up in my opinion because it has many functions that are recursively used. Is that result in PyPy doing much more work for speeding up than what Chip 8 emulator does?

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