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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Chip 8 emulator written in Python success version 1


  • It should not be too hard to understand.
  • You can observe what have been done by the emulator.
  • Only 60% instructions are coded. If you are interested in writing an emulator, you can try it by yourself.






  • The architecture of Chip 8 is quite simple. Even with my bad programming skills, i can still finish it in two days. Chip 8 is really suitable to be the first target to write an emulator.
  • I had made a mistake to write %0xFF instead of %0x100 to prevent result from overflowing, and the ball in Pong only made horizontal moves.


  1. I need help, i want Learn to create emulators , but I would like to begin basic and then Get PSX emulator or n64 , and even Wii with time , is possible in python , or should read, C or C ++ ? , sorry i posted in youtube to

    1. If your goal is to write a PSX or any newer emulator, C or C++ will be the better choice. I must warn you first, it's not easy to write a PSX emulator. The spec of CHIP-8 has only 3 pages and i spent 2 days to write the emulator. The spec of Atari 2600 has about 60 pages and i spent more than 6 months to write the emualtor. The spec of SNES has about 700 pages and i don't think i could write the emualtor.

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